SPOTLIGHT PART 2 is set to shoot in AUGUST!

Principal photography on the short film SPOTLIGHT PART 2 kicks off this August in the Los Angeles are.
Supernova is proud to confirm returning actors from PART 1 include: Joe Lando as Call Johnson, Eve Mauro as Angela McKee, Michael Monks as Mark Wall, Natalie Irby as Cousin Betty and Norma Maldonado as Caroline Sharp! New to the cast is Hrach Titizian as baddie Ivan Strhovski. More news to follow…

SPOTLIGHT PART 2 is fully funded! All Systems GO!!!!

Supernova Films is happy and grateful to be able to announce that because of the generous support of our fans, the IndieGoGo campaign for SPOTLIGHT PART 2 is fully funded! Our team will begin prepping the movie straight away. We anticipate shooting this GREAT project some time later this summer. More updates as they become available! In the meantime, here are some videos from the cast that we hope you will enjoy:

Morning Joe!   –

Caroline Sharp…. Looking sharp!   –

This is Mark Wall’s HAPPY face!   –

Caroline’s Marina Message   –

A Very Serious Message from Joe!

SPOTLIGHT PART 2 IndieGoGo launch date announced !!

Mark it in your calendars folks!  That’s right MAY 1st will be the official start date of the IndieGoGo crowd-sourcing campaign for SPOTLIGHT PART 2.  You, the fans, have been the ones who kept the idea of a SPOTLIGHT PART 2 alive and so we are reaching out to YOU, the fans, to make SPOTLIGHT PART 2 a reality!!  Check back for a link to the IndieGoGo site on or after May 1st.  And thank you in advance for your tremendous support!

Announcing SPOTLIGHT PART 2 !!

Spotlight Part 2 PosterSupernova Films Inc. is pleased to announce that the official crowd sourcing campaign will launch SOON for Spotlight Part 2. This will officially signal the beginning of Pre-Production for this long gestating production. The screenplay was written by Peter Paul Basler. Story by Joe Lando based on characters created by Peter Paul Basler and Kevin Michael Smith. To be directed by Peter Paul Basler. more…

The Award Goes to…

ANY OTHER FRIDAY! That’s right, at our recent screening at the Valley Film Festival, ANY OTHER FRIDAY was awarded the Audience Award in the highly competitive Dramatic Shorts category. Our festival run continues with a screening at the Ozarks Short Film series in North Hollywood in February.

A Statement on the Domestic Release of THE VORTEX

If you have followed this website you will notice that we have had many promised dates for domestic release of THE VORTEX. The latest date that will NOT be happening when it comes to domestic release is December 2nd 2014. We do not have a new release date, and if we did we would be hesitant to post a date at this time having announced a date 3 prior times.

Please know that Miguel and I working our hardest to complete the BEST domestic release for the film. When we have concrete information we will update via this site.

Peter Paul (& Miguel)

Was Ist Das?

If you were planning on getting THE VORTEX on DVD or Blu-ray in time for Christmas… then you are in luck… if you live in Germany!! Yes, the film has been retitled: THE VORTEX: BEASTS FROM BEYOND in Germany. And you can find it online most everywhere!

Here is the key art from the Blu-ray release-



Supernova Films Inc. is proud to announce the release of the official trailer for our second feature film THE BEFORE TIME. We will be shopping the film at the upcoming American Film Market and will share all details as they become available:

When rival television crews head into the Sonoran desert to shoot a reality show based on a buried Navajo treasure, they discover that truth is not only stranger than fiction; it’s more dangerous. Something wants to prevent them from digging deeper… and from escaping the desert alive.

Christmas comes early for THE VORTEX !!!

In what has been an ongoing saga, THE VORTEX: GATE TO ARMAGEDDEON, has been moved to a December 2nd time slot for domestic DVD release. For those of you looking forward to that earlier promised October 11th release, here’s a little something from our release in Thailand to hold you over until December. Enjoy!

The Introduction of Sydney Gerber
The Introduction of Dr. William Marx
The Introduction of Cmmdr. Catherine Deckert
The Introduction of Lt. Steven Raiger

Time to open the GATE TO ARMAGEDDON!!

The VOD release of THE VORTEX is in full swing. The film is now available to you most everywhere under the new title THE VORTEX: GATE TO ARMAGEDDON!

Here is the final approved cover art:


The list keeps changing, but you so far you can find the THE VORTEX: GATE TO ARMAGEDDON available at

Itunes-  (available in the Itunes store under “MOVIES”)





Google play

Rogers On Demand


Here are some pull quotes from our first review on the awesome DREAD CENTRAL:

“One thing I did not expect…was that this…would turn out to be an intentional comedy.”

“Even when they’re engaged in hand-to-hand combat against terrorists or fighting for their lives against behemoth bugs, you can count on the brave men and women of Comic Relief Team 6 to spout off one-liners in the heat of battle.”

If you want to read more you can check out the full article here:

We are all part of the B MOVIE NATION !!

Thanks again to our friends at B Movie Nation for posting about our VOD release and the article they did on the film back in April 2013

Release article-

Film article-

You have made it when there are BOOTLEGS!!

HD4Fun. Is this a legit site? Are they ripping us off? If you download this do you even get our film?

Also, here is the Thai DVD release front and back cover of THE VORTEX. Not sure if this is a legit release as the cast list includes both actor and character names pulled from an early iteration of IMDB before lead cast was in correct order. Still the art is pretty darn cool:


Release Me from THE VORTEX!! (Change to the release date!!)

Well folks, for those of you looking to put a DVD copy of THE VORTEX on your living room shelf…
you will have to wait one more month. That’s right. VOD will still be available EVERYWHERE on Sept. 9th. And DVDs will be available nationwide on our new release date – October 11th!
We will keep you up to date on any changes as the release moves forward!

The RIGHT TIME for THE BEFORE TIME official poster!

The Before Time Official Poster We have been busy working away on Miguel Muller’s feature debut THE BEFORE TIME. In anticipation of this, the second feature from Supernova Films Inc., we are happy to unveil the official poster for the film. “The Legend Becomes Reality” in THE BEFORE TIME directed by Miguel Muller, produced by Peter Paul Basler & Shahrook Oomer. Screenplay written by Scott Bunt.

THE VORTEX Emerges!! New Trailer ! New Key Art !!

As we hurtle towards the domestic release of THE VORTEX, our friends at Origin have released a brand new version of the trailer in anticipation of our September release:

Also at our May 14th event at the El Cid we showcased new cover art for the DVD which showcased lead actress Sarah Lieving that looked like this:

Proposed DVD cover art concept 2

But now we are being told that an even newer version of the DVD art will be used featuring a redesign of the blue Vortex that has been used for foreign sales and looks like this:

Proposed DVD cover art concept 1

It’s getting exciting! Look for THE VORTEX on VOD and DVD on September 9th!

THE VORTEX Emerges!! THE VORTEX Emerges!! (Release Date Set)

After two plus years we are so excited to announce that the street date for DVD and VOD for the domestic release of THE VORTEX will be September 9, 2014.

The DVD will feature a “making of” featurette, VFX sizzle reel, directors commentary, early concept trailer, official release trailer and an unrated version of the feature not released overseas!

THE VORTEX is the first film to be released by Supernova Films Inc. Directed by Peter Paul Basler, it stars Jack Plotnick, Sarah Lieving, Ted Jonas and Camden Toy. Marco Muller and Miguel Muller served as executive producers on the film.

More info to follow as it is available!

THANK YOU for making the El CID Event a HUGE Success!

May 14th was a fantastic success at the El CID as a packed house watched the filmmaking team of Miguel Muller and Peter Paul Basler present a tapestry of their creative efforts thus far as they build the vision that is SUPERNOVA FILMS INC.

For those of you who couldn’t make it…or for those of you who did and want to recap the night – Here are the highlights from an amazing night:

Peter & Miguel Intro


VORTEX Release date!!!!!

VORTEX special features

VORTEX DVD cover art

Very Special Thanks!

ANY OTHER FRIDAY – passcoded


THE BEFORE TIME Trailer – passcoded


SPOTLIGHT 1 & first look SPOTLIGHT 2

Skaie Knox & Band

Glen Talley & Band

Email: Click here to email Supernova Films if you really want to see passcoded material. We may be able to do so. Maybe. But only for you. Thanks. PPB & MM

Thanks to Ryan Constantino, Michelle Cross, and Michael McCarthy at the El CID for making it such a wonderful night!

The Before Time Press Release

Supernova Films Presents: The Before Time – A Found Footage Film

The Before Time is written by Scott Bunt and directed by Miguel Muller. The film is produced by Peter Paul Basler and Shahrook Oomer, and is scheduled for release – fall 2014. The film is being produced under Basler & Muller’s Supernova Films Inc. shingle.

View the complete Press Release here.

Connect with The Before Time:

SUPERNOVA smashes into the EL CID

Wednesday May 14th at the historic El Cid
- Supper Club & Bar in Los Angeles CA, promises to be a fun-filled night of celebration of all things Supernova Films Inc!

Supernova FilmsScheduled for the evening:

  • Special presentation on the upcoming national
    DVD release of THE VORTEX
  • World Premiere of the short film ANY OTHER FRIDAY
  • A special sneak peek of the trailer for THE BEFORE TIME
  • Special presentation on SPOTLIGHT EPISODE 2
  • and so much more…

email: Click here to email Supernova Films for more info!

THE BEFORE TIME Twitter Account

Supernova Films now has a Twitter account for THE BEFORE TIME! Follow THE BEFORE TIME on Twitter:

THE VORTEX and its ORIGIN Story!!!

We are proud to announce that the domestic DVD release of Supernova’s first feature film THE VORTEX will be handled domestically by Origin Releasing. More details to follow as they become available…


With a successful shoot under our collective belts, Supernova Films Inc. is happy to announce that that we have entered post-production on the film THE BEFORE TIME directed by Miguel Muller.

Set photos from THE BEFORE TIME:



Supernova Films Inc. is pleased to announce that production will begin mid November on the found footage film THE BEFORE TIME written by Scott Bunt and directed by Miguel Muller. The film will be produced by Peter Paul Basler and Shahrook Oomer.

Step into THE VORTEX

The time is coming. We are so excited to be able to share with you (soon) the details of a DOMESTIC DVD DEAL… coming soon! (Details soon. We promise.)

Supernova on Facebook

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Any Other Friday

Director Peter Paul Basler’s short film endeavor has an indieGoGo site! This is a first for Peter and for Supernova Films Inc!

To support the film and gain some great perks in the process, check out the fantastic videos and support material available (for a short time only) here at:

Bunt for a Home Run!!!

We are happy to announce that writer Scott Bunt (Sea of Dust) has just delivered his finished version of the found footage/horror script THE BEFORE TIME as part of the Supernova slate.

Check out the project development page for more details.

Change In The Line Up!

In keeping with our baseball motif… one quick note: We had previously announced CRAZY IN THE PARTY as our next feature film. But that has changed. Up next is Miguel Muller to make his feature debut with THE BEFORE TIME. Following that film we will commence with production on CRAZY IN THE PARTY. Updates/changes as they arrive to be posted here!

New Trailer available for THE VORTEX!

Supernova Films is proud to present an all new, updated trailer for our inaugural feature THE VORTEX! Watch the new trailer above or click here for THE VORTEX Production Page.

SUPERNOVA welcomes Kevin Michael Smith!

Supernova Films Inc. is happy to announce that Kevin Michael Smith (Co-Writer of Pride starring Terrence Howard and the late Bernie Mac) is onboard as the screenwriter for our as yet UNTITLED DISASTER FILM.

VORTEX Storms the AFM in Santa Monica!

The Teaser Trailer and One Sheet for Supernova Films’ new feature THE VORTEX made a splash at The American Film Market in Santa Monica California on 1st of November! Peter Paul Basler and Miguel Muller were on hand to check out the suite for sales rep Blue Galaxy International and the poster art proudly on display!

Production completed on THE VORTEX!

Supernova Films Inc. is pleased to announce that principal photography has been completed on its first feature film THE VORTEX starring Jack Plotnick, Sarah Lieving, and Ted Jonas. The film was written and directed by Peter Paul Basler, lensed by DP Alexander Yellen and produced by Danny Roth.

Production starts on THE VORTEX!

Principal photography has begun October 15th on the new feature BIG BAD BUGS, now retitled THE VORTEX from Supernova Films Inc. Peter Paul Basler is directing from an original screenplay he co-wrote with Cary Anderson.

The SUPERNOVA Adventure begins!

Supernova Films Inc. is founded in the summer of 2011 with a pledge to produce quality entertainment in the areas of film, television and new media. Plans for the immediate production of a first MEGA CREATURE FEATURE are announced.